Dear Friend,

What an amazing honor it has been to serve as your state Representative. When I took office in January of 2011, Michigan was facing a $1.5 billion deficit. The businesses in our state were over regulated and small businesses were double taxed. With strong leadership and committed hearts, our new legislature turned a $1.5 billion dollar budget deficit into a three-year surplus projected at $970 million and ended the double taxation of 85,000 small businesses. It was an amazing feat, and Im proud to have played a part.

Since 2011 Michigan has undergone a dramatic transformation. Here are some highlights:

  • More than 220,000 new private sector jobs since December 2010
  • Michigan leads the nation in manufacturing job creation
  • Personal income is growing; tied for #1 in the Great Lakes; seventh nationally (Q1-Q3 2013)
  • We are fourth in the nation for high-wage job growth; sixth for middle-wage job growth
  • Home sales and values are on the rise. (I sponsored House Bill 4228/Public Act 35 of 2011 to eliminate unnecessary transfer fees that were often imposed on unsuspecting buyers when closing on real estate.)
  • House Bill 5191 which I sponsored on ORV helmet use would restore private property rights to land owners.
  • In my position on the Regulatory Reform committee, I contributed to the elimination of over 1500 rules and regulations that had stifled business growth here in Michigan.
  • House Bill 4284, which I also sponsored, was signed into law to prohibit extremist groups or individuals from disorderly contact at military funerals ensuring that grieving families can be protected.
  • Currently, I serve as vice chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, and a member on the following committees: Agriculture, Local Government, Regulatory Reform, and Tourism. My service on these committees has directly impacted legislation signed into law to the benefit of the people in the 103rd House District.

    There is more work to be done, therefore, Im officially announcing my candidacy for re-election as the state Representative for the 103rd House District. As we move forward in 2014 and beyond, I will continue to make the constituents of the 103rd my top priority. I look forward to your support as the campaign moves forward and I hope to see you on the campaign trail. I cant do this alone.

    Please take the time to explore my website, www.brucerrendon.com. You can find information on issues, how to get involved in my campaign or how to make a contribution. I need your help, with everything from displaying signs to making calls and marching in parades. Your questions and concerns are welcomed, so please do not hesitate to contact me at my campaign office at (989) 486-5059.

    I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

    Respectfully in service,

    Bruce R. Rendon
    State Representative 103rd District


    I truly believe that living in Northern Michigan has strengthened the qualities that are necessary to represent you well. These are:

  • VALUES The family values of our area are special and I have been proud to pass these on to our children.
  • FAITH I am continually reminded that faith can get you through anything.
  • WORK ETHIC Farming has helped me develop a work ethic that people in our district can relate to.
  • LISTENING As a builder, helping a family build their dream home has helped me to learn and listen.

    Bruce is endorsed by:

  • Michigan Right to Life PAC
  • National Rifle Association (A+ Rating)
  • Michigan Association of Police Organizations
  • Michigan Doctors' PAC
  • Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners (A+ Rating)
  • Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPAC
  • National Federation of Independent Business - Michigan
  • Small Business Association of Michigan
  • Citizens for Traditional Values
  • Michigan Townships Association
  • Michigan Concrete Association
  • Michigan Retailers Association - Friend of Retail
  • Michigan Manufacturers Association
  • Friends of Housing
  • County Road Association of Michigan
  • Police Officers Association of Michigan
  • Michigan Milk Producers Association