Dear Friend,

Our state is finally moving toward a more prosperous future, but there is still work to be done. As we continue the long term commitment to making our state a place where our children and grandchildren can succeed, you deserve someone who understands our Northern Michigan values.

These values are what I will bring to Lansing as your State Senator, fighting to protect hard-working taxpayers, to preserve the sanctity of life, and to continue fueling our economy.

My wife and I raised our family, started our businesses, and ran a farm in Missaukee County. As your State Senator, you have my commitment that I will stay true to our Northern values, and listen to and fight for the people I represent.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family.


Bruce R. Rendon
For State Senate



//// PLAN OF ACTION \\\\

I truly believe that living in Northern Michigan has strengthened the qualities that are necessary to represent you well in the district.

  • VALUES- The family values that I believe in are evident in this District and are fundamental to moving Michigan forward.
  • FAITH- No matter what the challenge, I am continually strengthened by my own faith and that of the people I represent.
  • WORK ETHIC- Farming has helped me develop a work ethic that people in our district can relate to.
  • LISTENING- As a builder, helping a family build their dream home has helped me to learn and listen.


If I am privileged to serve as your Senator, you can be sure that I will rely on you and these values to make tough choices.